Best of FreedomFest 2017 (Download Only)

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This download includes 12 of our most popular speeches from FreedomFest 2017. Here is what it includes:

01 - Naomi Brockwell & Mark Skousen, “Welcome to FreedomFest”

James O'Keefe, “New Frontiers in Journalism: How to Use Guerilla Communications Techniques & the Internet to Circumvent the Mainstream Media”

02 - David Alinsky, Ralph Benko, Dinesh D'Souza, “Saul Alinksy: Radical Progressive or Freedom Fighter?”

03 - Jennifer Grossman (Ayn Rand), Mark Skousen (Ben Franklin), “Greed & Selfishness: Virtues or Vices?”

John Stossel, “Confrontation: My Run-Ins with Donald Trump, Ted Turner & Other Central Planners”

04 - Dinesh D'Souza, “The Megaphones of Power: Hollywood, The Media, and Academia”

05 - Anglin, Gross, Hunt, Weber, “Escaping the Political Medical System: How to Gain your Healthcare Freedom Today—No Lines, No Waiting, and Much Less Expense”             

06 - William Baldwin, Steve Forbes, “100 Years of Forbes: What Have We Learned?”

07 - Bates, Bongino, Burns, Elder, Franklin, Thompson, Kennedy, “Mock Trial: Police on Trial”

08 - Justin Amash, Andy Biggs, Thomas Massie, “Defending Freedom in the House of Cards”

Mike Lee, Thomas Massie, “Defending Liberty in the Era of Trump”

09 - Dan Bongino, “Evaporating Liberties? Protecting the Pursuit of Economic, Healthcare, Education Happiness”

Bob Chitester & Lisa Kennedy, “Creating Supernovas for Freedom”

Gillespie, Mangu-Ward, Welch, “To Boldly Go…: Reason and the Glorious Libertarian Future”

10 - Peter Schiff, “How to Prepare for the Coming Trump Train Wreck”

11 - Jo Ann Skousen, Mothers of God: A Bold New Look At Women in the Bible

12 - Bennett, Carpenter, Caswell, Piper, “Challenging Civil Forfeiture: Why We Need to End Policing for Profit”