Economic Logic 5th Edition by Mark Skousen

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Based on his popular class at Columbia University, Professor Skousen has just released the 5th edition of Economic Logic, the only "no compromise" college-level course in free-market economics. It is uniquely based on his 40 years of experience as a CEO of several successful businesses, economic analyst for the CIA, president of a non-profit (FEE), and teacher at major colleges and universities. (He has a Ph.D. in monetary economics from George Washington U.) He is founder of FreedomFest, the largest annual gathering of libertarians. Dr. Skousen was recently ranked as one of the world's top 20 most influential economists today.

Economic Logic is divided into 28 lessons or chapters, and is used as a primary textbook in over a dozen major colleges and universities. It is designed to give you the analytical tools and market solutions to the most pressing problems facing business, government leaders, and individuals today:

    1 • Real market solutions to the Great Recession and European debt crisis (including the hidden benefits of "austerity" programs).

    2 • How John Mackey's revolutionary "stakeholder" brand of "conscious capitalism" is destined to transform global business.

      3 • Proof that the Federal Reserve is the engine of inflation, not the defender of sound money. (And why gold will never disappear as a monetary asset.)

      4 • Why the Chinese model of state capitalism is destined to fail.

      5 • How the Austrian school of Mises and Hayek trumps the Keynesians, Chicago monetarists, and Marxists. (Each chapter highlights an influential economist).

      6 • How the welfare state violates the fundamental principles of sound economics, and how other countries have resolved the unfunded liability problem.

      7 • Why saving, technology, entrepreneurship, and business investment drive the economy- not consumer spending or government stimulus.

      8 • Why GDP distorts and leaves out critical information about production, consumption and investment.

      9 • A full critique of Keynesian economics and the dangers of easy-money policies.

      10 • Updates on the economics of global warming, Obamacare, and other threats to prosperity.


      This new 5th edition (2017) is a 715-page quality paperback published by Capital Press/Regnery. It retails for $49.95, but is available directly from the author at a discount -- only $34.95, plus $5 S&H.